Postcard Project Update

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Postcard Project Writing event at Third Place Books and Raconteur in Seward Park during Womxn Act on Seattle!  We had approximately 30 people show up and write and mail 230+ postcards on Sunday, January 21. That brings our the total number of postcards at our writing parties to over 420!

Some of the issues we wrote about at the writing parties at C&P Coffee, Grapheme, and Raconteur have received legislative scrutiny and action by the state and resolution on the Federal level.

Here’s a partial recap of what’s been happening with issues we’ve written about to legislators:

Washington state fined and has now canceled the lease for Cooke Aquaculture Atlantic salmon farm near Cypress Island in the San Juans. The lease for their pens near Port Angeles was canceled in December. Cooke still has 4 aqua pen sites in Puget Sound. Read more at The Seattle Times. There are also multiple bills in the WA State legislature that propose to eliminate net pen farming in Washington State. More about it at Peninsula Daily News.

Many bills have been proposed in the Washington state legislature that advocate common sense gun control . Read more at Parent Map.

There are at least three proposals to make voter registration easier with automatic voter registration, pre-registration for 16and 17 year olds, and same day voter enrollment. Read more at The Olympian, Spokane Public Radio, and The Secretary of State.

On a Federal level, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) was finally funded for 6 more years by congress.

The Senate has voted against the 20 week abortion ban. Read more at Politico.

Twenty-one State Attorney Generals have filed a lawsuit to roll back the FCC’s rollback of net neutrality calling it unconstitutional. Read more at The New York Times.